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Web Video

Probably the hottest new method of marketing in conjunction with Social Media.

So how do I get this right? There are so many factors to consider. Do I use YouTube? Facebook? Or...?

The options for encoding & delivery of your content are many. Contact us to learn more about how Advance HD can help you find your way through the maze of web video & social media.

Duplication & Replication

DVD, CD and Blu-Ray

DVD is still the current most user friendly format for DVD Duplication or DVD Replication of movies, television content, software, media, music or video materials - just about any digital content you can think of. Of course CD's are still widely used and CD duplication is a great way to get your content distributed.

And the new kid on the block is Blu-Ray. If your needs include Blu-Ray duplication or Authoring then we can help. Blu-Ray keeps your hard work in pristine form so why not distribute it that way?

ADVANCE HD offers full DVD, CD and Blu-Ray project completion - custom DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring, full motion menu & screen creation, titles, case inserts, printing (Offset or Silkscreen), duplication, replication, labeling. All the "bells & whistles" to give your project a truly professional finish.

Our service is geared for both short runs and large runs and the options are many:

Regular jewel cases
Slim jewel cases
Paper or Vinyl sleeves
Cardboard Sleeves*

*Requires a minimum order level - usually 1000

ADVANCE HD takes great care meeting your project needs.

If you are having your DVD, CD or Blu-Ray replicated, you are required to complete a Replication Rights Form. This form is to protect intellectual property rights and states that own the rights to have your DVD copied. Once it is filled out just bring it along when you drop off your masters & artwork.

Click here to download then fill out, print and then deliver to us along with your DVD, CD or Blu-Ray master.

Need design templates for your DVD project? Click here.

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