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Web Video

Probably the hottest new method of marketing in conjunction with Social Media.

So how do I get this right? There are so many factors to consider. Do I use YouTube? Facebook? Or...?

The options for encoding & delivery of your content are many. Contact us to learn more about how Advance HD can help you find your way through the maze of web video & social media.

Duplication Templates

Blu-Ray, CD & DVD

Here is a collection of the most common disk, cover and insert templates (.eps) to assist you in the design of your CD or DVD duplication & replication project.


Disc Template DVD & Blu-Ray
Disc Template CD

Packaging & Inserts:

Cardboard Sleeve (No Flap)
Cardboard Sleeve (Zipper Flap)
Jewel Case Insert 1 Panel
Jewel Case Insert 2 Panel
Jewel Case Insert 3 Panel-Accordion Fold
Jewel Case Insert 4 Panel-Parallel Fold
Jewel Case Insert 3 Panel-Roll Fold
Jewel Case Tray Card (back card)
DVD Movie Case Cover Sheet (Trap Sheet)
DVD 7mm Slim Movie Case Cover Sheet (Trap Sheet)
DVD 14mm 4 Disc Movie Case Cover Sheet (Trap Sheet)
DVD 25mm 6 Disc Movie Case Cover Sheet (Trap Sheet)
DVD Movie Case Booklet
DVD Movie Case 2 Panel Insert


2 Panel, 1 CD, 1 Pocket DigiPak
3 Panel, 1 CD, 1 Pocket DigiPak
3 Panel, 1 CD DigiPak
4 Panel, 1 CD DigiPak
4 Panel, 3 CD DigiPak
6 Panel, 1 CD DigiPak

Retail Barcode:

If you plan to go to retail stores with your discs then you will need a barcode.  Advance HD can supply you with a barcode, but you will need to leave a space on your artwork for it.  You can use this sample barcode for positioning in your artwork, however you will need to remove our sample when you are done with design. We will put the real barcode in this space.  Bar code costs approx. $35 and is a one time fee.


Our replication process generally uses Offset printing for the utmost in image quality and durability. From time to time a silkscreen process may need to be used (depending upon what you are trying to achieve). Please ensure that when you prepare your artwork that you observe the following:

* If at all possible please design in HIGH RES PDF (usually created within a program like Illustrator or comparable design program, Photoshop is okay but since it is not a vector based program some images and text may not be sharp on the finished product) and use specific spot colours
* The smallest FONT size allowed is 6 pts.
* All artwork MUST be in CMYK - do not design in RGB (your colors will be off)
* Please set all artwork resolution to 300 DPI, it is the industry standard
* If you are using or plan to use PMS colors there may be additional costs.
* RGB formatted elements will have to be converted to CMYK at an additional cost, and may result in time delays
* For printed matter, if your design includes background elements, allow a 1/8” (3mm) bleed to allow for slight variations in cutter accuracy
* Don’t rasterize your graphics, try to keep the graphics in their native program
* Avoid using gradient fills as the printing process will produce banding from transition form high to low density
* Avoid using solid background with a San Serif font, the text might be filled in by heavy ink coverage
* When designing artwork for CMYK CD screen printing, keep in mind that the nature of the silkscreen printing process will reduce the sharpness and quality somewhat
* Make sure you have supporting colour if your background is Black, the support colour density must be C-80%, M-75%, Y-75%, K-100%
* Make sure set your CMYK color density range between 15%-85%, anything below 15% will be gone, anything above 85% will fill in to become solid
* Coloured text elements will not appear as clear as white or black text, we recommend using either white or black text
* Include only the most current version of the file for output, the needed fonts and links. Don’t send unnecessary files
* Identify the exact final file for output

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