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Web Video

Probably the hottest new method of marketing in conjunction with Social Media.

So how do I get this right? There are so many factors to consider. Do I use YouTube? Facebook? Or...?

The options for encoding & delivery of your content are many. Contact us to learn more about how Advance HD can help you find your way through the maze of web video & social media.

Social Media

How to navigate the Social Media universe

Social Media can be scary, frustrating and time consuming. We are here to help. We actively use Social Media in our day-to-day activities, productions and lives. We know the ones to be on & how to get you on there. Many companies shy away from Social Media because they do not understand it and, more importantly, they do not understand it's importance in today's wired world.

In fact, if you are not on and in Social Media you are losing valuable ground (and market share) to those that are using it and using it effectively. Some companies think that just because they have a Twitter account and assigned it to some assistant they are 'in the game'. Maybe. But wouldn't you want to ensure your social meida needs were effective?

Contact Advance HD to see how we can help you in your Social Media endeavors.

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