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Web Video

Probably the hottest new method of marketing in conjunction with Social Media.

So how do I get this right? There are so many factors to consider. Do I use YouTube? Facebook? Or...?

The options for encoding & delivery of your content are many. Contact us to learn more about how Advance HD can help you find your way through the maze of web video & social media.

Red Epic 4K / 5K

Incredible imagery, awesome flexibility.

Red Epic 4K / 5K

We LOVE our Red Epic! It's a camera that is always making waves throughout our film and video production circles. The technology packed inside this little marvel is the same as is used on many feature films like the Hobbit and so many more - you gotta look at their website to keep up with all the great content that uses these cameras.

Renowned directors like David Fincher, Steven Soderbergh, Peter Jackson and Tony Scott rely on the images these cameras produce.

The camera shoots at a film level resolution (4k & 5k) giving unprecedented and unparalleled images. We can add almost any lens package that is required (for example: pl mount) and we have Nikon lenses in-house.

Plus with the use of lenses like Nikon's, we get film-like image as compared to video cameras that, while still delivering a solid image and picture, they lack a certain quality to them that Nikon and other lenses can deliver. Shallower depth of field, higher resolution, sharper images and more.

If you'd think your video looks good now wait until you work with this camera! One of the reasons to use this camera over conventional HD cameras is, beyond the incredible images is the ability to re-frame shots in editing, especially when working in HD.

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